1. UK ‘Tourist Tax’ Creates Gap with Europe, Says Burberry CEO. “Unfortunately there is a gap,” said Jonathan Akeroyd, chief executive officer of the British luxury fashion chain. This is “disappointing especially as it’s our home market,” he added, speaking ahead of London Fashion Week. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Epic Games’ new chief creative is an IP expert. At this point, gamers expect to be greeted by a cavalcade of brand and IP mashups whenever they flip on their favorite Epic Games title, making Wen, an executive who cut his teeth by helping mash different characters together into shared fictional worlds, an obvious fit. – Read More on Digiday

3. AI regulation is within sight — with an eye on preserving innovation. Regulation can make it hard for all but the biggest companies to grow, confined by industry rules that are shaped at times by incumbents.  Big banks, for example, have only gotten bigger since the Dodd-Frank Act. – Read More on Axios

4. RELATED READ: Regulating Artificial Intelligence: A Running Tracker of AI Legislation. Despite such lags in regulation, a growing number of new AI-focused bills coming from lawmakers at the federal level are worth keeping an eye on. – Read More on TFL

5. Sustainability Is About Your Workforce, Too. People sustainability takes a holistic approach to corporate human capital practices, including diversity and inclusion, well-being, employee safety, and fair pay. It raises these human capital issues to the C-suite and obliges chief HR officers to work with chief sustainability officers on these programs. – Read More on HBR

6. Garment Workers Are Getting Closer to a Fair Wage. To date, 275 individuals and groups have endorsed the FABRIC Act which is being introduced in the Senate by Kirsten Gillibrand and in the House by Jerry Nadler. – Read More on the Nation