1. Bootmaker Dr Martens to offer repairs in sustainability step. Dr Martens plans to launch a shoe repair service in Britain next month as it seeks to polish its sustainability credentials, encourage customers to extend the life of their boots, and create a new revenue stream. – Read More on Reuters

2. RELATED READ: As Regulations Loom & Price Tags Rise, Brands Lean into Repairs. No shortage of brands – both in luxury and the fast fashion realms – are leaning into repair initiatives in order to engender goodwill among consumers, who are increasingly conscious of the ESG elements of the fashion business, and also to boost the value of their brands. – Read More on TFL 

3. A normal IPO market still “a ways away.” IPO activity has remained subdued in 2023 after plummeting in 2022. However, some momentum has been picking up, and the execution of the $4.87B Arm Holdings has added to the enthusiasm for the nascent recovery of the transactions. – Read More on S&P Global

4. How Thom Browne’s Gray Suit Conquered American Fashion. Browne’s signatures have become as recognizable as the logos of far more profitable brands. “You know instantly when someone is wearing Thom Browne.” – Read More on the New Yorker

5. Russia’s Fashion Industry Tries to Fill Gap Left By Western Brands’ Exit. The YOU clothing brand has cast itself as an alternative to Spain’s Massimo Dutti, which has closed more than 500 shops. “We cannot produce everything abroad.” – See More on Barron’s

6. Shein vows to cut clothing waste. Its waste is allegedly low by industry standards thanks to its “direct to consumer” business model, which sees it produces items in batches of 100-200 pieces, then uses tech to analyze each item’s popularity with consumers, before ramping up production of top sellers to meet demand. – Read More on Reuters