1. Europe Luxury Stocks Slide. Richemont Chairman Johann Rupert said inflation is starting to dent demand across the region. And LVMH, which was recently dethroned by drugmaker Novo Nordisk A/S as Europe’s largest company, fell 3.6% to its lowest since early Jan. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. India’s Digital Fashion Disruptors. The fashion and lifestyle space is India’s second largest consumer category, valued at $110B with approximately 10% online at $11B. The online fashion market overall is expected to grow to approximately $35B by financial year 2028 at a 25% CAGR. – Read More on Bain

3. Inditex’s Zara to launch its second-hand platform in France. The service, which will be available through Zara’s stores, its website and a mobile app, already exists for its British customers since October, and will be launched in Germany also this year. – Read More on Reuters

4. China’s Appetite for Luxury Is Back. Despite a sluggish increase in China’s overall retail sales in the first half of the year, Chinese consumers have been a major driving force behind growth in the global luxury goods market. – Read More on Caixin Global

5. AI and the New Digital Cold War. When it comes to AI — arguably the most decisive technology in this global contestation — we are heading toward two hermetically sealed ecosystems: one that supports open systems but is also associated with democracy, privacy, and individual rights, versus one that supports state control, information-flow restriction, and politically imposed limits on openness. – Read More on HBR