1. TikTok Popularizes Products. Can It Sell Them, Too? TikTok has cemented itself as an essential advertising venue for brands aiming to reach its young users. Now it is beginning to introduce TikTok Shop to all of the app’s users in the U.S., hoping to add a major new revenue stream. – Read More on the New York Times

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3. eBay Launches Luxury Consignment. eBay has introduced a new consignment service, giving users direct access to expert sellers who will list and sell their luxury items on their behalf. Launching initially for designer handbags, the service will expand next year to include additional luxury categories, including jewelry and watches. – Read More from eBay

4. Where Should Your Company Start with GenAI?  It can generate new prose, computer code, images, narration, music, and videos as well as ingest and summarize, critique, improve, and reformat almost any manner of document or analysis. – Read More on HBR

5. Adobe, others join voluntary US scheme to manage AI risks. The private commitments backed by the Biden administration are seen as a stopgap given that Congress has held discussions on potential AI legislation but little has been introduced and nothing significant has become law.  – Read More on Reuters