The Concept

Fashion Focus is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs that have a special interest in fashion, and the development of the fashion industry in Trinidad & Tobago. The main goal of the company is to create a new innovative angle on the presentation of fashion that is more fluid, dynamic and engaging. The organization is dedicated to enabling the cross-pollination of stakeholder groups within the fashion value chain.


With the experience and talent of powerful Caribbean fashion icons, combined with the rest of the production team of administrators, multi media professionals, and creative marketing minds, this organization hopes to impact the industry in a significant way. Fashion Focus will be a hub for Caribbean fashion, with major contributions from Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica in the first instance. The time has come for our sense of design and style to take its place on the global fashion map!


Fashion Focus has evolved into a dual-channel experience with the annual trade-show in July, and the bi-annual magazine publication of the same name. Both are committed to the same objective, which is to bring together designers, creatives, buyers, manufacturers, financiers, educators, and sponsors for a more connected approach to a collective goal. The brand hopes to contribute positively to the development of fashion business acumen by increasing our value proposition in each production through strategic planning, execution, data collection, research and analysis.



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